Customize your dream home 


Your dream home can be your home of your dreams with your personal input to design process

Tailormade homes

   Everyone’s dream home has special individual characteristics, reflective of their own personality.
   We can help to make this possible.
   With our system of personalised collaborative design, you can participate in the design process from the beginning.

Plot Search 

   Our team will help you explore our extensive land bank and choose the perfect location and plot for your new home.

  A member of our experienced team of architects will then discuss your ideas with you and guide you through the planning and designing of your home.They will bear in mind the most suitable building methods and materials required so as to ensure that, wherever possible and practical you are able to realise your personal vision within your set budget. 

   To speed up the process, we will act on your behalf making all necessary building permit applications. Your appointed lawyer will also make all necessary searches to ensure that your development is cleared with the appropriate authorities, and that the land ownership is not in question. 
This will include ensuring that the land carries no hidden attached covenants or financial obligations.

   In full consultation, we will then agree and set up a suitable staged payment plan. All documentary proof and photographic evidence will be available in the format of choice. Thus allowing you to monitor the project; confident that each successive stage of development is satisfactorily completed before subsequent payments are made.

    Immediately the building permit is obtained, construction work will commence. Our appointed individual Project Manager will oversee all aspects of the project development, to ensure successful completion and delivery to plan and on schedule.